Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Year

We had a wonderful holiday season in which traveled to California for an extended visit with my family. L had endless playtime with his older cousins, discovered that Santa does in fact bring what you ask for (a garbage truck with flashing lights--he was mighty specific about that), and that the Christmas season just pretty much rocks. 

He was a trooper on the flights although he has decided that flying is "scawwy".  Which puts me, a former Valium-flyer, into the awkward position of assuring him that flying is super duper fun!  We'll be juuuust fine! all the while biting my nails and trying not to bolt for the exits.  But all's well that ends well, and we are home in rainy Seattle. 

Our old doggie had a stroke last weekend, which put a scare in us, although she has recovered remarkably well.  She's around 14 years old, so we know this is probably the beginning of not-fun stuff but are happy that we seemingly dodged a bullet this time around.  We also caught the Alien Death Flu that is going around but are on the road to recovery. 

So onward to 2013!  We made a list of goals for the year and on it is to begin our next adoption.  The past five years impacted us a great deal financially which will play a large role in future family building.  We want to give our current family plenty of time to gel and at the same time I turn 40 in 2 months (what?), so if it's going to happen we'd like to formally start a new adoption this summer/fall. And there's plenty of prep to happen before that, so ..... we'll see.

Happy 2013!!