Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Season is Upon Us

We put up our very first Christmas tree last weekend.  We always travel for the holidays and while we've decorated for Christmas before, we haven't ever had an actual tree.  We took Maggie to the tree lot with us, where she proceeded to pee on the first tree she saw.  Whoops.    (Note to self--next time, take her on a walk first.)  The toothless guy who helped us didn't seem to mind, so we marched boldly on.

A Starbucks and a sort-of-black-lab.  Dare I call him a yuppie? 

Anyhoo, the tree looks lovely and smells wonderful (hey, the dog didn't pee on ours) and is very sparkly and festive.  We've also discovered that Goose the Cat finds tinsel to be a delicious and satisfying snack, so that had to be removed as well.  The things we learn. 

Anyway, we have to bring our canine-baby to the vet this weekend for a growth on her leg--I think it's just an old-dog-warty thing, but it's not going to be fun.  So in honor of our warty old lady, Cory bought her the biggest rawhide bone I've ever seen.

The rawhide is as long as her, but she finally figured it out...


  1. Our cat eats tinsel too, and plays with the ornaments if they are too low. Good luck with your dog!

  2. Cats and Christmas trees are a bad combo. Your dog is cute and has a cute white nose. Hope she's ok.-Jen

  3. Your story about Maggie and the first tree made me laugh out loud. It reminded me of all the trips I used to take to Petsmart with my chocolate lab and well let's just say I always advise people not to buy anything from Petsmart that is on a low shelf. Just saying.....

  4. It's the most wonderful time of the year, for sure--enjoy the tree :)

  5. Poor Margaret Mary Catherine! I will send her some lovely get-well-soon flowers to pee on.

  6. That bone is hilarious :)


  7. sweet thang! that rawhide is huge! hope her check goes okay. interested to hear more about the China program. praying everything picks up for all of us.