Thursday, February 23, 2012


We were finally submitted for fingerprinting, and are planning on showing up at US.CIS before our fingerprinting appointment, just to see if they'll let us in a bit early.  We shall see.  I'm now somewhat obsessively checking our bank account to see when the check clears, which means the paperwork is moving along.

In the meantime, we are choosing 10 questions we get to send to the orphanage.  The information and picture we have of Little Guy is from last April, so pretty darned old. We may get a response and we may not.  It sounds like most people get one update, so we really want to make these questions count.  We are gathering input from doctors, other adoptive parents, social workers and those who have 2-3 year olds, to see what they think would be important information for the future and for the transitional time into our home (if any of you have ideas or things you wish you had known, please send them over!). 

Since we only get 10 questions, they are currently along the lines of:

Please provide any updated medical information, including height, weight, head circumference and imaging, along with known allergies, sleep schedules, favorite toys, transitional objects and favorite foods.  Plus names of favorite caretakers and things you will remember about him after he has transitioned.

That counts as one question, right?


  1. That's one really in-depth question. Love it.

  2. Ha, I love that one long question! I'd be tempted to put all these part As and Bs to every single question too, just to get more in.

    No real advice because of the age difference between your little guy and our little ones but you're off to a good start! Maybe just asking for a rough outline of his typical schedule...feeding times, snack times, nap times, etc.

  3. You guys are moving along! We also went early for our fingerprinting because it allowed us to check off one more thing on the list, and also to go at a more convenient time. Nobody really cares what time your notice says.

    We weren't subject to any kind of question limits, but I don't think there are any more important than the ones you have identified. You might want to hold some questions in reserve for when you're actually at the SWI, because your son't habits may have changed by then.

  4. I like the one about what they will remember about him after he's transitioned. Great question!
    Amy x

  5. Ask for lots of pictures! Also, maybe how his interactions with other kids are. Should be very interesting.

  6. Obviously I'm not a mom so not quite sure. I think I would want to know how he is doing developmentally, both with the toys he plays with and how mobile he is. I'd want to know if he is happy, what makes him laugh or smile, and how he is comforted. I'd like to know how he interacts with other children and adults and just generally what is his personality.

    This is way more than 10 questions so your idea of one general question with a bazillion subparts is genius. Happens all the time in the legal world.