Thursday, June 21, 2012

Out of translation

We are officially out of translation.  We are now waiting on our letter of acceptance, or LOA, which can take 1-8 weeks.  The LOA document will mean that in the eyes of the Chinese government, we will be Little Guys parents.

So, you know, kind of a big deal.

We're waiting on tenterhooks over here.  It's scary.  And wonderful.  And scary.

But wonderful.


  1. So exciting! I hope they're fast. One week is too long to wait. Eight is too long!

  2. Yay!!! We got ours 1 week to the day after we got out of translation, so ... GOOD LUCK!!

  3. One week???!!!! Ohhhh my......
    Amy xxx

  4. I agree, even one week is TOO LONG!! I am so excited for you!

  5. That's fantastic! But wow, a 1-8 week time range? That's a big range! I imagine you are feeling all sorts of things right now. Hang in there... you are getting closer!

  6. More wonderful than anything! I hope they are quick. Does this mean you could be traveling soon? Wow!

  7. Our breaths are shallow
    With frozen hope awaiting
    Xian's joyous news.

    Judith k. Pfeifer (cuz once removed)

    I just checked your blog and read your amazing news. For some reason the quote "and joy cometh in the morning" was my mind's first response. I googled it and found it's from Psalm 30:5...must have stuck from doing mine and my two brothers' Sunday school lessons! The KIng James version is always the most poetic.

    I will hold my breath with you all and hope for joyous news soon.

    1. Thanks, Cousin Judy! This was a lovely comment--I always appreciate a good haiku!
      -Molly :-)

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  8. Holy cats! So you could hear any day right? Wow, that must feel great. Looking forward to some good new soon.

  9. !!!! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I keep meaning to call you to catch up...I'll try calling tomorrow night (Friday)!