Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, Savannah!

OK, a new favorite: Savannah, Georgia!  I spent a long weekend with an old friend whom I haven't seen in forever, just hanging out in one of the most elegant, beautiful and warm cities in the good old USofA. OK, "warm" is an understatement; it was hot and sultry and gorgeous.  We both absolutely fell in love with Savannah--the culture, the history, the architecture and the, well, pedestrian-friendliness of the place, if that makes sense. 

Nectar of the gods?  Sweet tea.  Oh, my goodness gracious, I'm in love.  I was on a mission to try it and, unlike the McDonalds version (which is pretty grody), I now get it, big time. 

And other random Savannah pictures--I could just not get over the beauty of the city...

Our hotel, The Ziegler House (highly recommended):

Fried green tomatoes and crab beignets (and, of course, sweet tea, sweet tea and more sweet tea):

We had tons of fun in a wonderful city.

I am truly a homebody, though, and these are the faces I missed while gone...

Goose the Cat


Delilah, My Girl


Tripper, My Boy

And, of course...

Oh, yeah. 

Nothing but class round these parts. 

Hands off, ladies, he's allll miiiine.


  1. Savannah looks beautiful. And your hubs looks like a goof. :-)

  2. Awww-Tripper! He is sooo darling! And yes, your husband is funny. Savannah looks amazing.

  3. damn i'm sexy

    the goofy hubby

  4. I am looking forward to my Welcome-to-California present, which is Tripper. :-) xxxx

  5. YAY Sweet Tea!!!!!!!!! The "real" thing puts McDonald's to SHAME!

  6. Oh, my gawwwwddd!!! That photo is hilarious! You've got quite the catch there, watermelons and all :) Savannah looks lovely, too, by the way!

    Erin :))

  7. I adore the final picture--too effing funny!!