Thursday, June 2, 2011

State Department Update

In a nutshell:  Slowdowns will continue and we will wait for an eternity.  Awesome.

Notice: Update on adoption case processing by MOWCYA in Ethiopia

The U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia has received information from the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs indicating that processing of cases that received a court summons prior to March 8, 2011 is still ongoing.  This exceeds their estimated 15-20 days to expeditiously process this caseload, as indicated in our April 5 notice.  The Embassy also understands that processing of cases with court summons after March 8 is proceeding at 5 cases per day, and there is no indication that these numbers will increase in the short term.
Prospective Adoptive Parents and parents awaiting final approval of their match from the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs are cautioned to anticipate continued and considerable delays and are encouraged to remain in contact with their agency for updates to their case.


  1. What was the point of this update? Just to rub it in?

  2. Yeah, not really sure myself--gives me a heart attack when ever I see a notice about the program, but this one wasn't anything we didn't already know. Hope you are hanging in there!

  3. Ugh. The whole process is tiring me out, for everyone, the waiting is the worst.

  4. This is complete crap.

  5. I've seen your posts on Jennifer and Kathleen's sites! :) I'm looking forward to following your journey too!

    The 2nd video I posted was an Amharic kids program. I found it for my friend who just brought home her 2 and 4 year old and they LOVE Tsehai! :)

  6. Hey Molly!
    How are you holding up?!
    Today I was grateful that my issues with patience was because of my husbands Ex wife, NOT the adoption journey! Kind of refreshing not to have it be about the adoption....but still oh so trying!!!!
    Being a step-mom is one heck of a job!!!

    How are things going with your adoption? I's always "just waiting".... if feel ya!
    What's funny about our new DRC program is that we have NO idea when we will have a referral. Could be next month, could be next year! CRAZY!
    What will we do with ourselves once this is ovr!?