Sunday, September 25, 2011

Half of a year

We've now been on The Amazing List for a half of a year, and have been in the adoption process for just a little over a full year. It's hard to believe that much time has passed, yet alas....

A very smart woman told me recently that her biggest piece of advice for us during The Wait is to indulge ourselves mightily, without apology. So we are:

Yup, we are finally learning to scuba dive, in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Maui. Let the indulging begin! We had the first class this weekend, which included classroom time and pool time. Next weekend we have two open water dives in the Puget Sound, which is very dark, cold and swirly. So I'm just keeping my eye on the prize, scuba-ing in Hawaii.

So, for now, yay for 6 months on The Wonderful, Amazing, List:

And, well, I just had to include it:


  1. Six months is awesome! So is indulging yourself mightilty without apology :)
    A trip to Maui sounds divine! You totally deserve it!

  2. Yay for 6 months! That's quite an accomplishment. And the last picture...whoa! :-)

  3. Nothing like Hawaii to pass the wait time! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Ha - love the six-pack abs there! ;)

    I agree about the indulgence. You deserve it. We have convinced ourselves of that and that's why we're going to Paris next month!

  5. How many days until Hawaii? xxxx

  6. Don't tell the hubby but that last picture certainly caught my eye. Better a 6 pack than a 2 liter.

    I totally agree about the indulging part. Sleep in, eat out and travel!

  7. Are you insane? You guys are scuba diving the sound? That sounds awful to me! But Hawaii, I like your style.