Friday, September 23, 2011

Somethin' Afoot?

If you know me IRL, you know that I am not the most patient when waiting (working on that) nor, at this point in our quest to hear the pitter-pat of little feet, the most trusting of souls (working on that, too). Through our agency, we receive a weekly update on news and happenings both at our agency (read: referrals or lack thereof) and in the Ethiopian community, such as holidays or events. I look forward to the Friday Email each week, as it is a good way to feel connected to the agency and not wonder if we have accidentally been deleted from The List, only to realize it two years down the road--have I mentioned that I'm not the most trusting of souls?

So in the next two weeks a lot will be happening in our corner of the world and in the larger picture of this adoption.

*Court will reopen--the prediction is next week. Court closures/openings happen according to the monsoon season starting/ending, so there are not set dates. However, our agency has reason to believe it's set for next week. They also feel like referrals will get off to a pretty slow start. This was not a surprise.

*The Vice President of M.OWA will come to the Seattle area for a visit. This is closely tied to the horrendous death of an Ethiopian adoptee earlier this year in the area. (It was not an adoption associated with our agency) It sounds like we will have a chance to take part in a meet and greet with him or her, which we are looking forward to. Fallout from a situation such as this one is to be expected--we are interested in seeing what impact it has on overall procedures and expectations.

*A Vice President from our agency is heading to Addis to take part in a meeting at the Embassy, and make face-to-face contact with orphanages and staff in-country.

So I feel like the next month or so will tell us a lot about the future of Ethiopian adoptions. I'm glad things are moving and shaking, and at the same time have the usual fears that something is afoot and that we are in the dark. Sigh. We went into the summer months with the attitude that nothing would have been happening anyway as we haven't been waiting very long (relatively), so we might as well enjoy the summer. Fall is upon us, and I'm working hard on not being anxious about the future. It's harder than it seems.

Happy first day of autumn!


  1. I heard about that poor girl, and was wondering if there was any issues stemming from it. Interesting to see what happens. Yay for court opening!-A

  2. That is horrible--I don't know any details about that but it is awful.

    Happy First Day of Fall to you too, it will be 100 degrees here again soon. Sheesh.

    Our agency is in Portland, by the way.