Thursday, March 15, 2012


We got some short answers from our many, many, many questions today.  I can't write anything particularly identifying, but here are some highlights:

*His favorite food is "snakes". Mmmmm!
*He's seriously HUGE.  So quite possibly older than we thought?  I think I need to start doing pushups.
*He is "irritable", "restless", and "active".  Well, he is two....

We did not receive pictures, but maybe at some point some will come through. 

We also found out that his name was completely wrong. It was very close, but has been written in a variety of orders and spellings.  However, his nickname confirms (for now) what his name actually is.  It may change again, who knows? 

Happy (early) St. Paddy's Day!


  1. We have the same issue with names... we've seen our oldest's name written at least four different ways.

  2. I've heard it's pretty common. Did you get resolution on it?

  3. Wow, that makes it pretty real, huh? And he likes snakes? Hmmm. He sounds like a 2-year-old!

  4. I'm sure it's fun to learn more about your little boy! I'm glad you got a response.

  5. Oh yeah, start those push ups!! I have the biggest guns I've ever had from hauling them around :)

  6. I'm irritable and restless and somewhat active. But it has nothing to do with being 2. And snakes? There has to be something more to that.

  7. This is getting so exciting I can hardly stand it! Amy xxx

  8. Glad you got that update! I received numerous tips to start doing serious upper body workouts to prepare for carrying a toddler around! (Of course now we have a little peanut who won't be quite so big.)

  9. okay, the "snakes" thing made me laugh out loud! you are gonna have your hand full! : ) I love it! can't wait for those pictures!! so, so happy for some information!! looking forward with you!