Thursday, March 8, 2012


We got our fingerprinting appointment letter in the mail a few days ago and, although the appointment wasn’t for another 3 weeks, we scurried on down to US.CIS today to have them done.  They accommodated us after I shamelessly flashed Little Guy’s picture to everyone in sight, and we are finished with that step.
This was a much better experience than our last fingerprinting date, which took place March 1, 2011 (for the Ethiopia program).  The woman who was working with me casually asked, “Where are you adopting from?”  When I replied that we were applying for Ethiopia, she thought for a second, and then said “Didn’t they close that program this morning?”  My heart fell into my toes and I thought, You know what? They probably did.  And while the program wasn’t actually closed, we all know what happened next.
Anyway, onward and upward!


  1. Congratulations! Hopefully you'll hear something soon. We had a really similar experience at our fingerprinting appt which was around the same time last year. Not fun. What happens after you get immigration approval?

  2. That happened to us, too! We got fingerprinted last March, later than you though. Wonder if it was the same woman--was it in Tukwila/Seattle office? It felt really awful. But this is great news, glad you got in early. Also, happy birthday! -Shannon

  3. Ah it's so nice to tick something off the list! Glad you got in early!!

  4. Glad you had a good experience - we've been fingerprinted twice at our local USCIS office and they have been very nice to us.

  5. Yay!!!! One step closer
    Amy xxx

  6. Yay, glad it was painless this time round!