Thursday, September 27, 2012

Final Day--Packed and Ready

Today was mostly preparations for tomorrow--the Big Flight Home.  We leave our hotel at o-dark-thirty to head to the airport in Guangzhou.  We fly to Beijing, then have a 5-hour layover, then straight to Seattle.  Total travel time from takeoff in Guangzhou to landing in Seattle is around 20 hours, but after we land we get to go home to our own house, with our own rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and animals that we miss tremendously.  The second flight begins at 5PM China time, so we are hoping that after takeoff, a busy day, and some dinner L just may fall asleep.  That's a lot to ask, but here's hoping!

So we are pretty well-packed, other than nightclothes and toiletries, and our suitcases are weighed and zipped up.  We went back the store today to purchase extra toys and snacks so L just maybe can handle such a long flight.  He's also gotten sort of interested in some of the apps we have on our Kindle, so maybe that will help for a minute at a time or so.

We also have his Chinese passport in hand, US visa inside, and a packet of information that we cannot open, but will hand customs in the US as we enter the country.  This will make L a US citizen. 

So this is it!  Come on, USofA!!!


  1. Hope you have an uneventful trip home! So excited you're soon on your way...

  2. YAY!!!! Oh my gosh, how much are you gonna LOVE having your son finally home! I'm so happy. Safe (and hopefully calm) travels

  3. Hooray! Remember all of the on-board toys he will get to play with, like cups, stirrers, meal packaging, window shades, etc. You're almost home.

  4. Oh man the big flying day! One thing I am happy for you: there are TWO of you to one of him so right there you are doing better than we were, lol. It will be long, it will likely get bumpy for a while, but in the end you will survive and you will start your new life in the US of A! So happy and again I cannot wait to see pictures!!

  5. Yesterday I went back and reread one of your first blogs in 2010 including the haiku wondering if all the paperwork would make you a family. I'm sure the mountains of paperwork climbed since were beyond even your imaginations then...probably a good thing.

    Again I am reminded of the quote "and joy cometh in the morning." At last that morning has arrived for you. May your flight be smooth and your arrival be joyous.