Friday, September 7, 2012


We received our itinerary for our trip, and it's intense.  Two weeks of pretty much straight meetings, appointments, medical assessments.  We have one day off in the second part of the trip, and I have a feeling that will be very, very welcome.

The basics:

9/14-9/15: Travel to Xi'an (Seattle-Beijing-Xi'an)
9/16: Take temporary custody of L
9/17: Sign official adoption paperwork
9/18: Apply for L's passport
9/19: Spend time at significant places in L's life around Xi'an
9/20: Visit orphanage, pick up L's passport
9/21: Fly from Xi'an to Guangzhou.  This is where the US Consulate is located, where all adoptions in China end regardless of agency.
9/22: Medical appointment for L, including TB test and all vaccinations (yikes!)
9/23: Day off
9/24: Medical clinic results
9/25: Paperwork/appointments as needed
9/26: Visa interview/oath at US Consulate
9/27: Pick up L's visa at Consulate
9/28: Fly home (Guangzhou-Beijing-Seattle)

We looked up our hotels, and they both look very nice.  The hotel in Guangzhou is across the street from a Starbucks, which is a huge bonus for these overly-caffeinated Seattle-ites.

We have some luggage, and our major fees are paid.  Now it's on to actual packing. 

Holy freaking smokes.

6 days and a wakeup!


  1. I don't expect you to remember this, but right before we traveled I posted a picture of me packing, surrounded by tons of STUFF, including toilet paper and Skittles (essentials, right?) and our dog hovered nearby, looking freaked out. So holy freaking smokes is right! Your life is about to get so crazy beautiful!

  2. How exciting!!! And I promise, you will have some down / relaxing time. It will go so fast.... ENJOY!

  3. So excited for you! I've been reading through your posts and cried when I read the post with the pictures of his room. Safe travels!!!!

  4. Woo hoo! SO close!
    So excited for you....