Monday, October 25, 2010

And Deliciousness Ensued...

I've decided to expand my culinary horizons and create some traditional Ethiopian dishes.  Last night I made doro wat, a yummy chicken stew using berbere, a blend of spices essential to Ethiopian cuisine.  Berbere is pretty spicy, but added a ton of flavor--this is our new favorite meal for a cold and rainy day!  And yes, there are hard-boiled eggs in the stew--Cory was in heaven!  Really easy and really yummy, and hopefully will be a little taste of home for our future baby.

 Oh, and the comments section is now active. 

Doro Wat


  1. Yummmmm - do you think you could make it sometime at Christmas? I can get the ingredients if you just tell me what to get!

  2. Molly, it sounds yummy! Make it for Jim and I sometime.

  3. Yummy!!! Can you send me the recipe? this sounds and looks so good!!!