Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holy Paperwork, Batman!!

We got our "Adoption Toolkit" in the mail, which outlines the many, many documents we need for the homestudy.  Overwhelmed, much?  It's just a crazy amount of paperwork, tax returns, life insurance verification, etc, etc, etc.  We also will complete several loooooong documents in which we decide our guardianship plans, what the worst case scenario for our adopted child would be, what resources we have in place, etc, etc, etc.   At the end of the day, however, we decided that it's actually a really good conversation for expectant parents of any kind to have.  Nothing like getting your worst fears out on the table early in the process, right?  Anywho, this is the list (about a third of the paperwork--whooo-hooo!!) that we are sending in tomorrow:
*Molly's Autobiography
*Cory's Autobiography
*Tax Returns for past two years
*Additional Autobiographical Statements
*Financial Statements
*Cash Flow Analysis
*Guardianship Plans
*Release of Information
*Education Verification
*Family Health Insurance Plan for Adoption
*Cory's Birth Cert
*Molly's Birth Cert
*Marriage Cert
*Divorce Decree
*Background Check Forms

Wow.  I mean, really, wow.  But hey, we are on our way, right? 

More to come....

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