Friday, October 15, 2010

Sambusa, Sega Tibs, Shiro Wot, Oh My!

So last night it was pouring and chilly (I write as if it's a novelty in Seattle), and neither of us were in a cookin' kinda mood, so I headed to Habesha, a lovely restaurant in downtown Seattle, for an Ethiopian takeout meal.  Ethiopian food is eaten with injera, a steamed bread, instead of silverware, is highly flavored and pretty darned spicy.  Here's what we had--I did take pictures but, as I discovered I am definitely not a food stylist, my pics made the food look like dog vomit.  I promise, however, that it was delectable. 
Missir Sambusa:  Pastry rolls filled with lentils, green peppers, garlic, onion and tons of spices. 
Sega Tibs:  Cubes of beef sauteed with spices, onion and tomatoes
Kike:  Split yellow peas with onions, garlic and turmeric  (I think my teeth are permanently stained yellow from the amount of turmeric in this one!)


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  1. LOOOVE how you guys are diving into the culture :) There is a great Ethiopian place here in SF, in the Mission district we'll have to try next time you guys are in town!