Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Visit, Check!

Done!  One more (major) thing to check off the list.  The home visit was everything we expected: stressful, long and somewhat (well, very) invasive.  However, the social worker is clearly completely on our side, is acting as our advocate, and feels that she can support our decision to be adoptive parents wholeheartedly.  At the end she said that she has no reservations or concerns moving forward, not that we were particularly concerned, but still----phew!.  Our homestudy, which is soon to be a legal document and used to apply for immigration (the last step before being added to The List), should be ready in the next 8 weeks.  In the meantime, we are going to work on our dossier and enjoy the holiday season.  We have felt very under the gun to get stuff done and out, so it's kind of nice to know that we can't move anything along any faster right now.  So we will do little things here and there, and get the dossier done, done, done. 
We have a full-day class this weekend on adopting a baby and a Kwanzaa party at the agency the following Friday.  Hopefully we will continue to meet other adoptive families and learn more about the process. 


  1. So glad it went well. I'm also relieved that Maggie didn't spring for her jugular!
    Amy x

  2. yay!!!!! how could she not feel that way about you guys :D hip hip hooray! one set closer!

  3. We feel better down here too. Dad