Sunday, November 7, 2010

WACAP Weekend

Yesterday and today we attended WACAP Weekend, which is a required training through our adoption agency.  The first day was mostly nuts and bolts adoption info, such as where the orphanage is in Addis, how the referral process works and health concerns for adopted children.  The second day was all about adopting older children.  While we are interested in adopting a younger child, we figured that knowledge is power so it couldn't hurt to take part.  It was an excellent class, and we learned a ton.  The most important part of the weekend for us, however, was connecting with other adoptive parents, many of whom are adopting from Ethiopia. We also met our homestudy social worker; hopefully we will get the home visit date scheduled soon so we can begin deep cleaning every  inch of the condo :-)  Overall, we were very, very impressed by the knowledge and insight of the WACAP staff, which was encouraging for our future adoption roller coaster.  We have another training next week (on attachment issues), and later in the month, a webinar on "The Conspicuous Family" and a full-day program on adopting young children and babies.  This training makes the process somehow more real, and we are looking forward to every opportunity to connect with WACAP staff and other adoptive parents.

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