Monday, December 6, 2010

Hey, baby, you authenticated?

Best pick-up line ever!  No?  Hmmm… well, we officially are authenticated by the Secretaries of State for Washington, Montana and California.  Very exciting—that is another huge step out of the way.  The authenticated documents come with official looking covers on them, and the notary actually used a bit of water on some docs to smudge the signatures—making sure they are real, as copies can be pretty deceiving these days.  This weekend, among other things, we are going to be attending a Kwanzaa party at the agency and writing our letter to the Ethiopian adoption authorities asking for them to approve us for adoption.  The letter has me seriously stumped—I mean, how in the world can we express how much we want to be parents?  Think I’ll be googling that one before attempting to write it!
We attended an excellent class this weekend on adopting a child 0-3 years old.  It was one of the best courses yet, and that is saying a lot.  The teacher (who has adopted 4 children, now grown) covered everything from nuts-and-bolts paperwork information to how to handle race and privacy issues down the road.  It was a really, really good class and we are looking forward to many more!


  1. Thanks for giving me the blog link! I'm glad you're blogging, I like to have stories to 'follow':)

    Yay for authentication! We were lucky that our Secretary of State office is in our town so we hand carried everything and actually ended up making two trips.

    I'm glad you're hearing good things for your agency...I think I'm just on pins and needles thinking about the 'what ifs' after watching other programs shut down. So scary! But, all we can do is hold onto hope.

  2. OMG I'm starting a blog just so Last Chance can leave a comment for ME :-) Congratulations on getting authenticated, yay!!!!!!! xxxxx