Friday, December 10, 2010

“You’re so lucky you didn’t have to go through pregnancy!  Stretchmarks are the worst!” 
“You want my kids?   Oh, the days of sleeping in!  Are you sure you want kids?  They’re a ton of work.”
Ouch, that smarts.
“You’re adopting?  Ohhh, you  know what’s going to happen now! “
OK, now, them’s fightin’ words.  And all in one day.  Dang.
After three years of infertility, I’ve heard it all and really, truly don’t think I’m all that sensitive to the typical comments  (yes, I’m more than aware that not having a baby increases my chances of cervical cancer, but thanks for bringing it up….again! A vacation will cure infertility?  Wow, thanks for your unsolicited advice!  A fertility doctor, you say?  I’ve been seeing the local vet, but maybe a fertility doctor will do the trick!)  This blog is not about the negatives, but it’s just been One of Those Days, and just have to say…..I am continually surprised by the insensitivity of those around us.  And it’s Friday. And I’m tired. 
And I am eternally grateful for those who stand behind us as we face the uncertain future, with support, love and excitement for our future family.  In fact, I am more grateful for you every day.
So thanks.  We couldn’t do this without you.


  1. Oh the comments. There are just so many stupid people out there...or maybe not stupid, but clueless for sure.
    Sometimes I'd like to have a t-shirt that I can wear all the time that lists the things you shouldn't say to an infertile who is adopting....but people still probably wouldn't get it :)

  2. The next time someone says the thing about cervical cancer, you should say "studies have shown being a thoughtless f-ing moron causes cancer too, you should be worried." Ha!
    I'm sorry to hear about people being so clueless. I really hope I haven't said things like that to you, but I know I have. I'm very sorry about that, and I hope you just rolled your eyes and knew it was your just your dumb sister not thinking as usual.
    Soooo looking forward to seeing you!!!!
    Me xxxxxxxxxx

  3. People are stupid. You are amazing.

    That's all.