Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store

So yesterday was, well, just pretty crappy.  But today was wonderful.  We went to Leavenworth, which is not only the name of the prison where Michael Vick was held, but also a charming German-themed village in the heart of the Cascades.  It was blizzardy, beautiful and just generally getting it's Christmas on.  Very Who-Ville.  The snow was coming down pretty hard in huge, wet flakes and the atmosphere was festive. 

At 4:45 (keep in mind, it's dark at 4:30 here) a group of children walked down the center of town singing "Silent Night", and each building lit up as they passed.  Kitschy-cutesie, yes.  But everyone was into it, the feeling was one of goodwill and community, and was just what we needed.  Maggie was a very good girl, who let all of the children pet her, and was rewarded with a kiddie bratwurst which she promptly inhaled.  A lovely day!

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