Monday, October 24, 2011

Happiness is... (part 2)

Happiness is spending an entire week on the island of Maui with your smoochie-woochie-lovey-dove, just diving and boogie-boarding and soaking up the sun. Since our adoption went Code Red on the Suck-O-Meter about 12 hours before we boarded our plane, we made a pact to talk about children/adoption/future family for no more than 15 minutes a day (old trick from IF days) and it worked like a charm--we actually never addressed the issue once. Disengaging from life was the best possible thing for us right now; no bills or work or adoption news or stress of any kind. My biggest worry was whether I was getting a tad too crispy--sue m e, I'm Irish.

Our agency is holding conference calls over the next 2 weeks discussing options for waiting families (that's would be a bad sign, right?) so I'm sure more info will be coming. So in advance of impending despair, here are some pics to make you drool:

4 dives, including Molokini (crater in the middle of the ocean), Airport Beach and Turtle Town:

Paddleboarding, my new fave sport-except you really need some of those know, those things...what are they called?
(Tapping head)
Oh yeah! Muscles!!! Yeah, got to get me some of those. But still LOVED paddleboarding, which is quite popular right now. Cory, not so much. Apparently it helps to be short--some nonsense about centers of gravity.

And snorkelin and eating and soaking up rays from that big ball of fire in the sky that we will likely not see for around 11 more months.

Ahhhh. Maui.



  1. Maui looks delicious. What a sunny distraction from everything:) uh oh about the conference call. I hope it is just a general update kind of thing, but I can see why you're nervous. I like your rule about limiting time talking about it, the anxiety can eat you alive. Keep me posted!

    Saw your comment about photography class, happy to share info if you want to email. I'm at We may be raising intl adopted kids in the same city- FB friend?

  2. Oh my goodness--amazing! Beautiful pictures.

  3. I'm so jealous. Looks like you had an amazing time and as always it is wonderful to just step away from this process and enjoy life.

    I'm hoping your agency doesn't have bad news. I know wait times are increasing all around and agencies are having to adjust to gathering new paperwork for both the court and embassy stages.

  4. You look tan! And happy. Glad it was a good trip. Keep us posted on the call tomorrow.

  5. Um, why was I not invited?? I can fit in your luggage! Sounds like a great time. When is your conference call? PM me when you hear something. Interested in what they tell you. XO Sarah

  6. What an AMAZING looking holiday. Wow, wow, wow. The sun! The sky! The sea! Especially the sea!

    I love your idea of limiting time to talk about stuff. Genius. And so glad that you didn't need to use it. Anxiously waiting to hear an update about the update!

  7. That sounds like an amazing time!

    And urf on the conference call, I'm hopeful it's just a general update, and not some doom and gloom type of call. Keep us posted!

  8. Oh how I love Maui! Got engaged there and WILL return some day to renew my vows on the beach. It's literally heaven on earth and I cried the day I had to fly home. LOVE!
    We snorkeled with sea turtles, ate Hula Pie and enjoyed paradise SO much!