Monday, October 10, 2011

Happiness is…

These three people: my sister, niece and nephew...

All of whom have…


To California. As in, 2 hours by plane from me. As in, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Close enough for a quick trip to visit, to talk on the phone in the same time zone, to see whenever I want!!!! Ice at London Heathrow 2 days before Christmas? Kiss off, you’re not my problem ANY LONGER!! Her hubs is back in the UK finishing up the final details, but should be here as soon as is humanly possible.

Welcome home, sis!!! More glad to have you back than I can possibly tell you.

Eating at In N Out...

Having birthday cake with Nana...

(On a totally separate note, anyone have any insight into the latest State Dept adoption notice? Sounds like they are a bit disgruntled with agencies, or is that just me?)


  1. This is your sister Amy, right?? She of lovely comments but no blog?? Aha, I'm so glad to get to see photos! Tell her I said hello :)

    That's really great that she's back. (But I'm also a little sad because I had been hoping to say hi next time you were over here visiting her). I can't imagine having my sister in the same time-zone as me- it would be AMAZING. So I'm very jealous. And have fun basking in the love of your niece and nephew... they are CUTE!

  2. Glad your sis is back, that must be nice for all of you.
    I did see the notice, and our agency was not happy. I think it's a huge p***ing match between the two. Nice and mature. Love that we're stuck in the middle.

  3. Oh that's so nice--it's wonderful to have your family close by!