Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Indecisive

The Good:  Our homestudy document is done!!  We received a copy of it and made edits.  The document will now be forwarded to Immigration, who will (hopefully) approve the bundle of papers coming their way.  We will be sent a fingerprinting appointment date and time.  Once Immigration has approved us (and come on, who wouldn’t, right?) we will be added to The List and begin the long, arduous wait for a referral.
The Bad:  Fraud investigations continue in Ethiopia.  While the Ethiopian and US governments are working very closely to monitor and reform processes to ensure that each and every adoption is ethical, concerns still exist.  We are 100% sure that WACAP is above-board in every aspect of their adoptions, but, sadly, this is simply not the case for all agencies operating in Ethiopia. 
The Indecisive:  What will happen to Ethiopian adoptions?  We really just don’t know.  Our agency is aware that changes to processes may be coming, but are not sure of what those will be.  Referrals are very, very slow right now, which may be an indicator of things to come, and may not.  Just don’t know.  So, in light of impending changes, we have decided to raise the age of child we will be adopting to up to 2 years old.  We would love, love, love to have the baby/infant experience, but it just doesn’t seem particularly realistic at this time.  We hope things even out soon for everyone involved, and are still committed to the program and agency. 
One more hoop successfully jumped through!  Come on, Immigration!!!


  1. I'm glad you are getting all those documents done--it is such a relief to send that big old packet in! Hopefully things will keep being processed, I know the waiting sucks.

  2. Congratulations on getting the homestudy done. Call you later- this is big news!!! xxxxxxxxxxx