Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scientia Potentia Est

Or, as those crazy Latin speakers say, knowledge is power.  This is very, very true for adoption, where the unknowns seriously outweigh the knowns. The more we can mentally prepare for, the better, so we have signed up for the following classes (through our agency).  Although we have already met the required number of courses, they have all proven extremely valuable, so we look forward to many more!  Here's what we have on the docket:
Early Learning: How To Prepare Your Child for School
Introduction to Love and Logic
African-American/Ethiopian Skin and Hair Care
All Grown Up  
Moving Beyond Stereotypes
Grandparenting with a Plus (which will be attended with our parents)

Good times!


  1. I agree....the more you can learn the better. We are reading "parenting your internationally adopted child" and it is overwhelming but extremely informative and was recommended by several parents ahead of us in the process.

  2. Any classes for aunties and cousins? xxx