Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aaaaand, Done!!!

Our dossier, which is a huge, enormous packet of personal info, is done, done, done.  Once our fingerprinting is complete and we are approved by Homeland Security to bring a child to the US, our dossier will be sent to Washington DC, translated to Amharic, and then sent to Ethiopia.  So at this point, we have no more paperwork due…which, believe me, is quite exciting.  I don’t quite know what we are going to do with ourselves. 
And Homeland Security cashed our check, so something is happening there as well!  Come on, fingerprinting date!


  1. That's so weird, I don't remember sending any checks to Homeland Security...and now I'm panicking :)I know what a huge relief it is to have that packet DONE and sent in! We're going to update some of our stuff tonight and it's like "oh yeah, THAT form" when we see them....
    Celebrate getting the dossier done!

  2. Wow! Well done, can't wait to hear about your fingerprinting dates!! xxxxx

  3. Holy cow! Congratulations!!!! Keep us posted on the fingerprinting :) I'll keep my fingers crossed it's soon!