Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haiku Saturday

In honor of this beautiful, sunny (aaaaggghhh!  My eyes!!  My eyes!!)  Saturday, I will present four original haikus, one for each of our lovely animals:

An Ode to Delilah
Big boned, Rubenesque
Beautiful feline princess
Hissing at the dog

An Ode to Goose
Yes, you are way cool
Bad a** indeed, even if
You sound like Mike Tyson

An Ode to Maggie
I protect the house
As long as it’s not attacked
By the vacuum cleaner

An Ode to Tripper
I love you, human
And will sit on your keyboard
To show you how much


  1. Your blog is really funny and sweet. I think you will be a great mama someday, and your child will live in a house filled with love, laughter and animals. I hope you don't mind I'm following your story.

  2. Love these haikus. Sounds like your Tripper and my cat must have been separated at bitth because he does that ALL THE TIME! Drives me MENTAL.

    I laughed like a hyena at the T-shirt you mentioned on my blog- I want one!!