Saturday, February 12, 2011

So now we are super, duper sure

That our paperwork is in the right hands.  Our third, identical letter stating that our documents have been received arrived today.  Super, duper glad they made it safely, as these are some seriously difficult documents to get again.  And, a fingerprinting date would be really, really nice.  Sooo, Monday will be ringy-dingy time to the powers that be.  Argh. 
On the plus side, we installed new laminate flooring (I couldn't bear the thought of a baby crawling on our old carpet--blech!) and it looks faaaabulous.  Once Maggie gets used to slipping and sliding, we will all be good.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Well... I suppose three letters is better than none at all (grasping at straws here!) Come on fingerprinting date!!!

  2. That's craziness! I hope the fingerprint appointment comes quickly--how far do you have to drive to get your field office for the prints? We lucked out because they opened one in our city last year...otherwise it would have been a nearly two hour drive for a five minute appointment. Ugh.
    But all the hoops will eventually be worth it!

  3. Poor Maggie! Hahaha! I can just imagine her slipping and sliding ;) This is probably just one of many things she'll have to get used to soon - but i have a feeling that she and the new addition to the family will be fast friends!