Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pleased to meetcha, 2012!

Hasta la bye-bye, 2011!  No offense, but you will not be missed a whole heckuva lot.  Onward and upward. 

We put a little gravel in our travel this week and spent time in Montana with Cory's parents and grandmother, who is plugging right along at 92, so it was nice to spend time with her.  We did spend time traveling to Helena to get Cory's birth certificate authenticated, as required for our China dossier.  One thing checked off a very, very long list.

We also sort-of planned out the next 8 months, should this Chinese adoption actually happen.  It's very overwhelming--there is a ton of paperwork, money, money and more money that needs to be spent and saved, and complicated processes to figure out.   So we made an epic list of things to be done (that covers our the entire front of our refrigerator), and are going to just start at the top.  Maybe this time the work we are doing will actually end up with a child. 

We are hopeful that the new year brings good things for everyone waiting to complete their families.  Come on, 2012, show us what you've got!!

A few Montana pics:

(Butte, MT, is an old mining town.  The mining gallows are all over the city to this day.)


  1. That photo on the bottom is just breathtaking! 2012 is looking up for you guys!!! Hope your paperwork trek flies by with ease :)


  2. I know how daunting that long list can be...but you're right to just write it all out and start ticking things off as you can. It will feel so good to start crossing things off! 2012 is already looking up, no?

  3. Let me know what I can do to help- besides faithfully buying lottery tickets :-)
    Amy x

  4. A friend just alerted me to your blog.......Congrats on getting PA!!! We switched from ET to China SN in April and will be travelling later this month to get our precious daughter. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions as I have navigated this crazy dual process:-) Best of luck!!!!

  5. If you ever have the energy... I have no idea at all about CHina SN, so I'd love to know what it is you're actually doing. I know that it's not straight from referral to travel, but WHY not? Would love to be more aware about what the process is like so I don't ask more dumb questions than I absolutely have to.