Monday, January 9, 2012

What now?

We’ve had a lot of questions about what happens now, what paperwork is needed, why is that paperwork needed, etc.  So here are the basics, as far as I know at this point:
What paperwork is needed to complete this adoption?
We need all of the same dossier paperwork as we did for Ethiopia, as nothing can be more than 6 months old when it is authenticated (or when our notary is notarized).  This includes new medicals, certificates of birth, marriage and divorce, homestudy, immigration approval, police clearances, etc.  The list is long, but we are checking things off pretty rapidly. 
Why do you need a new homestudy?
We are joining a new program entirely, and (I’m guessing) the new homestudy documents are different. 
What happens next?
Once our homestudy is written (this took about 6 weeks last time), we submit the homestudy and accompanying paperwork to immigration.   We can’t reuse our old approval, as China is a Hague-certified country and Ethiopia is not.  This process took several months last time, but hopefully the fact that we were approved last March will make the process a tad faster. 
After immigration is approved I’m a bit fuzzy, but do know that the approval letter is authenticated, and the whole dossier is authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in LA, then sent to China, where we (hopefully!) receive final approval to adopt this cutie-patootie. 
Is there a time limit?
Yes.  We have 6 months from our preliminary approval date (12/14/11) to get our paperwork to China.  A lot needs to happen in that time period, so I’m expecting to cut it close.  Maybe we will be surprised, but we are preparing for the worst.  I expect this will drive me insane; however, I have faith that no one wants to be responsible for this adoption falling through because they were slow.  It will happen.  (It will happen.  It will happen.)
Can you post pictures?
Nope, not for a while.  We have a long way to go until he’s definitely ours. 

What do you know about his background?
What we know we will share with him first.
Can you share anything about his special need?
Not until he is adopted by us.
Can you fly this plane, and land it?
Surely you can’t be serious.
I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley.


  1. Airplane = Greatest Movie Ever. Interesting info--looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I'm sure there will be nail-biting moments.

  2. Ahhh AIRPLANE shout out! Does this mean we're old? Yikes.
    I hope the paperwork process flies by. I hate the term paper pregnant, but I'm sure someone will call you that ;)

    Can't wait to learn more about your cutie patootie with pictures!

  3. I like your answers to the questions about background and special needs.
    Hoping it all works out for you.

  4. Oh, yes, the paper chase. In some ways it must be easier to have a picture of your maybe baby to motivate you, but it also has to be excruciating. Hoping the stars and paperwork allign for you.

  5. Over, Over. Roger, Roger. I LOVE Airplane. Sounds like you all will be busy right now, but that's it's achievable. Stinks you have to re-do everything, though.

  6. I love Airplane! Even more than Raising Arizona.
    Wish I had a fast forward button and you could get through all this paperwork and stress more quickly.
    Amy x

  7. I am so glad this is progressing for you guys! Hope the time flies by.

  8. Leslie Nielson! The original Silver Fox. Love it! Loved him as Frank Drebin.

    Yes it will happen.......Lots of work now, but it is doable. Good luck!