Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Call it what you will, this insane weather in The Emerald City:


With the ice, spin-outs and fallen trees comes the wonderful, amazing

snow day!!

In anticipation of some cozy nights in front of the fire, I decided to learn some new Chinese dishes, specifically fried rice and gyoza, and they turned out pretty well.  For the gyoza, I just followed the instructions on the package, using both a pork and a veggie mixture, and they were excellent.  I have about 2 more full freezer meals of gyoza, so hopefully they will cook well later.

I also tried fried rice (from the Mayo Clinic website so not quite as much fat content as the traditional recipes--those post-holiday pounds aren't going to lose themselves, amirite?) and it was good, although a little gummy with the egg added.  I don't think my wok was hot enough.  Something to work on.



  1. Tip I have for the egg is cook it flat like a pancake first, take it out, roll it up. Slice it thinly and then add it to the fried rice. I'm not a egg fan but I find it ok like this.

  2. Ha! Love "SnOMG," new one. The food looks delicious. Are you celebrating lunar new year? We are getting together with some friends to celebrate and so I'm flexing my (wimpy) Korean cooking muscle over here today. A little advice: do not go to uwajimaya two days before lunar new year!

  3. Snowtastrophe! I know how Seattle gets when they just think it might snow!

    The food looks amazing. I really shouldn't be looking at it at lunch time......

  4. Ok, that's it. We MUST get together after Little Mister comes home and have a potluck! You bring the Chinese food and baby and I will bring the Ethiopian food and baby! :)