Thursday, January 12, 2012

Major Snow Event

As the news around here excitedly calls it, we are looking at a Major Snow Event here in the Pacific Northwest.  So after they driest fall on record (after the wettest/coldest summer on record) we are preparing for other-than-drizzle weather, with snow falling guessed it...Tuesday.  Our homestudy date.  Our Ethiopia homestudy was also canceled for snow, which was not the end of the world, but pretty annoying.  Looks like that may be the case again.  Dang.  Seattle is notoriously unprepared for weather other than rain (does anyone else have "Sun Breaks" as an actual weather term?) so if the Major Snow Event actually happens, we will be pretty much out of luck.  So if we ever have another homestudy, fellow Seattle-ites should buy some extra bags of salt and take the day off.


  1. Wow, that is annoying. Good timing, weather. Maybe the weather people are wrong.

  2. You are frickin' kidding me. Fudging H.
    Amy x

  3. Oh, man. There's still a little time. Seattle weather is pretty unpredictable--maybe it won't be too bad. Here's hoping! We had our first one canceled as well as our social worker was sick, and it was such a letdown. -Shannon