Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting a feel of the sitch

Today we went to a scheduled class on African-American/Ethiopian skin and hair care.  I know I claim every class as "the best evah!" but I think this one actually was one of the best, as the two very knowledgable women holding the course (in their salon) had excellent advice on tools and products, and I think will be the perfect resource for us in the future.  But the more important reason we went was to get a feeling from other adoptive parents on their thoughts on the future of the program, as well as face-to-face contact with agency staff.  And we really didn't come away with anything new: everyone is sad at delays, not sure if they are the right choice to clear up adoption issues in Ethiopia, and worried for the future.  We are still not sure what is going to happen; the ramifications of the decision by the Ethiopian government are not clear just yet.  Time will tell.  Some more (unsubstantiated, but commonly discussed so probably true) rumors:
*The Minister of MOWA has been removed from his position.
*New employees are in place in the international adoption program at MOWA
*Those employees will issue 5 new letters per day (down from 40) for the next 8 days
*After that, a new plan will be drafted/distributed
Once again, don't hold me to these rumors--the truth will remain to be seen.


  1. Wow, I just checked your blog--a lot can happen in a short time! I'm so sorry about these changes. I hope things settle down soon so you know what is happening!