Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We are on a rollercoaster

In this moment, we are in the screaming descent, where your stomach drops and you pray it will end soon, whether in a loop or another hill or a turn.  The Adoption Rollercoaster.  This is the dealio at the moment:  Ethiopia has cut 90% of all adoptions starting March 10.  This is to make sure that each and every adoption is legit, and that children are being adopted that are legal orphans. 

What does this mean for us?  No idea.  Could be a twist, a turn, a loop, a hill, another descent, or we could be coming to a screeching halt.

At the moment, the State Department has not issued a statement, nor has our agency.  My personal conversation with our agency has indicated that they truly think this is a temporary change, to give the Ethiopian government some breathing room to catch up on cases.  They are not anticipating wait times increasing.   I'm not sure how that is possible, but I also don't see the Big Picture.  At this time, our agency is trying to glean more information out of the Ethiopian authorities, so that they can give their clients updated information as soon as possible. 

We do not have a back up plan.  This is the back up plan.  So we wait and see. 

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