Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrambled Legs and Achin'

So our lovely team, Scrambled Legs and Achin', successfully completed The Big Climb yesterday, which is a fundraiser for Lymphoma/Leukemia research.  We climbed 71 floors of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle, and our team raised $440 toward the cause.  Some larger teams with corporate support raised a heck of a lot more than that, and with over 6,000 climbers during the day, it was an excellent event all around.

Team Scrambled Legs and Achin'

And, of course, the after-climb Bloody Marys:

Sometimes it's nice to just get out of your own head, you know?


  1. Did you say SEVENTY ONE FLOORS?????


    Love the team name. And yeah, you must have been pretty far out of your own head by the time THAT finished.

  2. You're amazing girl! I love that you did that!!! YOU ROCK!

    :) Andria