Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revising Expectations

So the infertility/adoption struggle is nothing if not a true exercise in constantly revising your expectations for the future.  Once you get away from the "Honey, let's start a family, k?" stage, it all, well, it gets really, really complicated.  We understood the process of paperwork/homestudy/immigration would be 3-4 months.  Total.  From beginning to end.  In other words, we entirely expected to be on the Wonderful List right now

It just doesn't pay to be optimistic. 

Just heard from immigration on the processing of our fingerprints.  The average wait time is...

120 days.

Yes, 4 months from now we may hear something about our approval notice.  As in, June.  We started the process in September.  We will have waited 10 months just to be added to a list that is growing indefinitely.

And we will likely be in our 40s when we have little ones.  I'm not joking.  And it's really hard to reconcile that.

I think it's time to get a hobby.  Or buy more cats.


  1. Wow. You must be really frustrated. I'm really sorry.

  2. I do NOT get that delay on fingerprints. I seriously do not remember ours taking that long...but maybe I've slept since then, :) I so hope they are just giving your worst case scenario timelines and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  3. We had about a six month delay while the government checked our paperwork and by the end of it I was ready to KILL someone. Total sympathy because it's just so UNNECESSARY! GAAAAAAH! Really sorry to read this.

  4. Nothing wrong with being 40ish and a first time parent. 40 is the new 30.