Friday, April 29, 2011

Ah, a wedding!

Is it possible for a bride to be more beautiful?  I don't think so--she was truly a stunner.  So in honor of lovely Kate and handsome Will (there really is no way to Brangelina their names, is there?  Wate?  Kill?  Yikes--moving right along) here are several original haikus:

A Royal Haiku
What a royal pair
A stately affair...Harry!
Please don’t  Chicken Dance!

Another Royal Haiku
Waity Katie, gone!
The world will welcome a new
Tiara wear-a
An Ode to Prince Harry
You look like more fun
Maybe you're are not the heir
At least you have hair


And in honor of WillsnKate, I made a version of the groom's cake for a work treat--a Chocolate Biscuit Cake--my first time trying it and it was really, really good!!! Mmmmm, good choice, future king!  A new favorite.

(oh, and Blogger has gotten frisky in the last couple of days, but comments should be working now--got a few emails yesterday about that)


  1. Yes, she sure was beautiful! I think my favorite is Harry, though. He's one handsome guy!

  2. I loved her sister's dress--very pretty.

  3. The whole thing was really fun to watch. So different and history in the making.

  4. The wedding was fabulous to watch. Loved your haiku..again. Here's another limerick for you that I wrote for an "Anglophile" friend:

    There was a cute prince named Wills
    Who decreased the Brits damp chills
    By wedding pretty Kate
    And increasing the rate
    Of tourists who help pay the bills.

    "cuz once removed"

  5. I LOVE your limericks!! Keep sending them my way!

  6. Your ode to harry CRACKED me up!