Monday, April 11, 2011

Mad Skillz

Ah, those made poetry skills--it must be genetic, particularly on the maternal side.  My mother's cousin, Judy (does that me her my cousin-once-removed?  Twice-removed?) follows this blog from the arctic zone of North Dakota, and sent us a wonderful limerick as a congratulations on getting on The List.  This, clearly, is where I get my oh-so-incredible haiku abilities:

There once was a pair from Seattle
Involved in a great paper battle
Who clawed through the mist
And finally got on "the list"...
May the 'baby gears' continue to rattle!

LOVE IT!  Thanks so much, (Aunt) (Cousin) Judy!!!


  1. Super cute! How nice to have family following you from far away!

  2. too cool!

    (and yeah, first cousin once removed it is!)

  3. Awesome!
    Your future kids are going to have quite a fun family to join!!

  4. I'm published! Glad you liked it. My poetry skills are likely the result of teaching units on it to kids for decades but we won't discount our shared DNA totally. I almost hate to admit I migrated from the arctic zones of North Dakota to equally arctic Minnesota long ago. I'm enjoying your blog that I get only by clicking on the connection your mother sent me. If this comment goes through I'll have acquired one more computer skill! I'm enjoying your blog...the only one I know how to get...and love Cory's electric drill solution to broken mixers. Having grown up on the same prairies your maternal grandparents did where swimming was not an option scuba sounds like a an exotic thrill to me. Go for it!
    Judy "the Removed"

  5. Love this, too! Sorry, it won't let me sign in!