Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Even More Official Now

Well, shoot.

The US State Department just issued this statement, that yes, adoptions from Ethiopia will significantly slow down.  We certainly were aware of this, although I think everyone was hoping for a change of heart.  It sounds like that will not be the case. 

What does this mean?  Right now, it means that anyone processed after March 8 (we weren't even on the waiting list then) will be processed very slowly.  Rumor has it that the time from referral to court could increase to a year.  I cannot even imagine having a referral for our child and knowing they are in an orphanage for an additional year, while paperwork trickles through. 

Tomorrow we have a 3-hour conference call with the State Department.  My assumption is that the news will be the same as this.  Hopefully some clarity on times to court will become clear. 

I was hoping that from this point on, I would simply bore you all with pictures of Maggie and the cats.  I hope for a nice, boring, predictable life sooner rather than later.



  1. Oh fucking hell.
    amy x

  2. I'm really really sorry. I thought being in court limbo was bad enough....