Friday, April 8, 2011

Counting Down...

Wow.  As I read my daily blogroll to catch up on everyone's adoption processes (and other sites, of course), I am more and more horrified about what this impending shutdown will do to adoption cases.  I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness we are not caught in the middle of it all.  We in the peanut gallery of The List, and for that, in this moment, I am grateful.

Right now, I am thankful that:
*Our fingerprinting is doneWe received our approval notice in the mail.
*We aren't waiting on renewing passports.
*We aren't waiting on travel visas.
*We aren't waiting on Embassy dates in Addis, while our child sits in an orphanage.
*We aren't waiting on American re-adoption dates.
*I'm sure there is far more the government does once a referral is under way...we aren't exactly in that stage yet!

This shutdown will affect a lot of folks in pretty difficult ways.  For adoption, things always seem tenuous and unpredictable, and this whole thing just throws a serious wrench in the already overworked system.

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  1. Yes, the whole situation was just stupid. I'm glad it got worked out. What a mess for everyone, especially adopted families.